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The Online Video Poker Myths

Like all famous online casino games, online video poker has also been a victim of criticism. Those players who haven't been able to make a lot of money, created some myths about online video poker. This is one way of pointing out 'mistakes' from online video poker, which practically doesn't exist. Let's take a look at some of the myths and figure out the deal with them;

Few players are of the view that the payouts are already set in video poker games. It means, no matter how good you are at online video poker, you will never be able to surpass a specific threshold with respect to paybacks. However, the truth is that players should tend to focus on strategy instead of cribbing about useless issues.

One another common myth about online video poker is that you shouldn't play it more often. It also holds true to on land video poker machines. Players believe that the video poker games which have been played for hours - lose their karma of some sort. On the contrary, players prefer online video poker games after a lapse. They tend to keep the winning criterion 'fresh' and undisturbed from getting cold.

The AI, behind online video poker doesn't even remember which hands it dealt in the previous moves. It is all based on randomization or RNG (Random Number Generator Program). So chuck this irrelevant myth out of your head and focus on using some strategy.